Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Rebekah Bryer ’13

Tried-and-true lessons: I’ve learned from every experience I’ve had in the Theatre Department: the joy of calling my first show, the anger in failing to get two pieces of wood to join while building a flat, the attention required to juggle ten different actors’ commitments while creating a rehearsal schedule. When a show goes off without a hitch (from the audience’s perspective, at least), I feel like I’ve done my job.

Transformative roots: I’m passionate about the periods during and after the American Revolution in the U.S. Those were times of incredible change and tension, and the acts of creation that happened in Philadelphia in 1776 and 1787 were unprecedented in history. I love studying how all aspects of life—from politics, to military, to society—helped form a new nation.

Scholarly intersections: Studying the history of any subject will allow for a better understanding of it, and this has proven to be true in my Theatre studies. Exploring drama and performance can also help contextualize the history of a period. I hope to pursue graduate studies in American History (with a focus on theatre) or Performance Studies (with a basis in theatre history). I’d like to teach at the college level, and I’ve explored these goals with Dean Alex Trayford at The Filene Center.

Sound advice: Volunteer for something you might have some interest in or take a class that’s outside of your area. I didn’t plan to be involved in theatre at all, but I decided to attend the Department’s “Meet and Greet” my first week on campus and met Technical Director Jeff Grapko, who gave me my first job in the scenery shop.

Coming full circle: I’ll be a stage management team member for Theatre at Monmouth’s four repertory summer shows, and I’ll stage manage their children’s show. The Theatre is producing one of my favorite plays, Thornton Wilder’s Our Town, so I’ll get to check it off my “bucket list.” I went to shows at the Theatre as a child, so I’m incredibly excited to work at the place that helped me decide to become a theatre maker.

 By Adara Meyers ’08