Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Parker Tichko

Why Wheaton? It’s size! Getting to know professors on a personal level is invaluable. It has opened up countless opportunities for me—from independent studies to summer research work. I have met great people at Wheaton, and am looking forward to keep in touch after graduation.

Favorite class/professor? Multicultural Psychology with Professor Fhagen-Smith. A student often endorses their college experience as an opportunity exclusive to academic accomplishment. Yet to describe a class as “life-changing,” independent from solely scholarly pursuits, is a rarity. I can only proclaim Professor Fhagen-Smith’s teaching not only as intellectually engaging, but morally enlightening. I walked away from her class not only a better student, but a better person.

MTV? I was on MTV’s “Made” as a competing band member in a mock “battle of the bands.” The video crew came and filmed one our practices, and then hosted a battle of the bands in which 6 locals groups competed for first place. I was even privileged to have a small speaking role in the episode. It’s episode No. 617 – ‘Alexa is MADE into a Battle of the Bands Singer.’ Check it out. I have a sinister smile in one scene.

The science of music. I am interested in sound synthesis and electronic / computer music.  After taking an electronic music class my freshman year, I started learning basic mixing techniques before becoming interested in sound synthesis and modern production. I have made various mixes for Wheaton dance groups such as Trybe, and am an avid amateur remixer, even entering and winning several online remixing competitions.

Approaching music from a production perspective has enabled me to appreciate music not exclusively in a musical sense (harmonically, melodically, rhythmically) but in “constructed” sense (How long is the reverb tail? Are the high frequencies crisp? Is the bass defined? Where are instruments “placed” in a mix?). The incorporation of digital technology, both in the composition, performance, and accessibility of music, is fascinating and I am curious on how the integration of new technology will parallel the development of new music.