Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Onyedikachi “Kachi” Udeoji

Activities? I am an SGA senator and a Special Projects intern for SSSR. I work as a Media service clerk at Wheaton’s media service department. I am a member of the Wheaton Jazz Band and Wheaton Chorale. I also just co-produced and featured my designs in Wheaton’s Spring 2010 Fashion show.

Why Wheaton? I like the fact that you can create your own world at Wheaton. Wheaton is not a big school but even within such a tiny community one can find even smaller communities to belong. It is all about the people you make friendships with at Wheaton, they are the ones that determine your experience. For example, I have chosen to surround my self with musicians, fine artists and international students. These people are what constitute my Wheaton world. Consequently, my Wheaton world is full of midnight sewing sessions with a housemate, international barbeques at Davis House and lots of music rehearsals and performances.

Fashion: I am an Economics and Music major but I have a burning passion for fashion (I know it sounds cheesy but it is true). Fashion for me is not about the glitz and glamor of the runway, and it is not a status symbol or the capitalist economy’s way of controlling our aesthetic thought process (trust me I have heard it all).

To me fashion is art, pure and unadulterated art, and the fact that we as people (and sometimes pets) get to wear this art is amazing. As with all other forms of art, fashion serves to create awareness through aesthetics, and this is what the organizing body of the “Diversity Through Haute Couture” strove to achieve.

The Wheaton Spring 2010 fashion was an amazing display of the artistry that goes into staging a fashion show. The theme of the show was diversity and this was evident as the garments and body art came from every continent and even the haute couture pieces (original designs by Wheaton students) were globally oriented.

The whole show was a student-run project, (we had advisors but they let us be creative) which took seven months to plan. Every aspect of the event—from hair and make-up to lighting—was all done by students. It was hard work, and I do not recommend it for the weak of heart but I would not trade a minute of it. Seeing the show (on video because I was back stage) and hearing all the good comments made the hard work worth it. This experience has made me a stronger person and a better critical thinker. As a result, I can actually see myself working in fashion in the future.