Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Michelle Drummey

Trustee Scholar Michelle Drummey interned as a museum guide in Indiana last summer.

Time Travel: I’ve always been interested in history and I thought it would be a really neat experience to intern or volunteer at a living history museum. Conner Prairie is a living history museum in Fishers, Ind. It just worked out that I was looking for an interesting internship over the summer and Conner Prairie was opening their brand new exhibit, 1863 Civil War Journey: Raid on Indiana. With the help of my scholar stipend, I was able to live and work in Indiana for the summer.

Living history: I did a lot of research to prepare myself for the opening of the exhibit. I was able to use this information to orient visitors to the site. Toward the end of the summer I was able to dress in period clothing and interpret the site as someone who was alive during the Civil War. This was a new and exciting experience that required creativity and quick thinking.

Favorite class: One of my favorite classes is one that I’m taking currently, “Museum Studies” with Professor Leah Niederstadt. It has put my summer experience in an academic light and encouraged me to think further about whether I want to pursue the museum field.

Looking back: If I could give any advice to underclassmen (or even seniors) it would be to get involved! You will appreciate your experience at Wheaton so much more. I truly regret not getting involved as a freshman, so I’m trying to push myself to be more outgoing and participate in more activities. This year  I’ve joined the Senate Housing Action Committee.

Many paths: I came into Wheaton not knowing exactly what I wanted to do. I thought I was going to major in history or anthropology, but then I realized that something was missing, and that was art. Wheaton helped confirm that I have multiple passions. Sometimes it can be scary thinking about the future because I’m still not entirely sure what I want to do, but I have the rest of my life to figure that out.

—Interview by Elizabeth Meyer ’14