Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Michael Malone

Michael Malone ’13 reaches out with a smile as SGA senator-at-large (now future treasurer), SafeZone-trained ally, leadership and transportation intern at SAIL, and writing tutor for the Filene Center.

Reaching out with a smile. I try to reach out to students any way I can to connect genuinely with their interests; whether that is through talking in class, reaching out through clubs or cliques, or even just smiling and waving to someone. I try to always be open and available to everyone here at Wheaton. My position in SGA allows me a platform from which I can identify with and appeal to students, as well as encourage and promote their unique perspectives and attitudes.

Listening and acting. My favorite aspect of Wheaton is that everyone, regardless of demographic, is granted the opportunity to make their voices more accepted and pronounced within our community. I have worked with students and faculty alike. In doing so, I have learned that both listening and acting are crucial to progress and its process.

Inspirations. I had the luck of being raised in a very politically aware, yet diverse, household: my mother is a true-blue liberal and my father, a fiery conservative. I learned to identify the hidden faults of both parties. Politics today are mostly run from behind closed doors, by self-interested parties, and I realized the missing factor was someone genuinely interested in representing the people, not the money. At Wheaton, I started to realize that I had the capacity, and more importantly, the interest, to realize my goal to inject genuine, common-sense politics into the world.

A politician’s best trait? I don’t believe there is simply one trait, but if I were to pick the most important traits, … they would be unabashed forthrightness, willingness to become involved in a fight over principles, and legitimate sincerity. With those, you can’t go wrong.

Your role model? Teddy Roosevelt took over the reins of an expanding and corporate-interested nation. He restrained special interests, harnessed [the country's] momentum and pushed it into the world’s economic forefront entering the 20th century: he is my political hero, and I believe the world would do well from having a leader like him.

–Cara Suriyamongkol ’11