Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Margaret Vallejo

Activities? I am really happy to be involved in many groups outside of class. I am in the Wheaton Chorale and well as the Wheaton Jazz Band. I’m also a member of Voices United to Jam and am on Programming Council. I really love all the groups. The people and the activities are amazing!

Why Wheaton? I think the thing I like most about Wheaton is the connectedness is every facet of campus life—from class, to extra curricular, to the people. Also, everyone is SO nice!

Favorite class? I think my favorite class thus far has been International Relations with Professor Boroviak. Professor Boroviak was funny and engaging and made learning exciting. Also, the subject of the class was new to me and was extremely interesting!

Something interesting about me: I used to be a ski racer!

Academics: I have high expectations for my academic career which is one of the reasons I chose Wheaton. I love to be outside and doing something active. I love my hometown and think it is wonderful! However, I’m so excited to be living on the east coast!!

Most thrilling adventure? One of my most thrilling adventures would have to be traveling around Costa Rica for a couple weeks, the summer after my junior year of high school!