Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Mandi DeGroff

Activities? I am the News Editor for the Wheaton Wire, a member of the cheerleading squad, Publicity Chair for Programming Council, a Wheaton College Ambassador Coordinator, and I just got accepted to be a preceptor. I also work as a Dimple Dialer for the Wheaton Fund.

Why Wheaton? My favorite part of Wheaton is having such a beautiful campus. I love being able to go outside and walk around the pond, see cow-duck, and lie in the Dimple when it gets warm outside. I love being able to walk around and see our teachers and have great conversations with them in and out of the classroom.

Favorite class/professor? My favorite professor is Professor Goodman in the Political Science department. He is an amazing teacher, and has so much knowledge that he wants to share with his students. He is a professor that I tell everyone about, because he genuinely cares about what he is teaching and he wants us to succeed. The connections he has made over the years, and the people he has met have given him knowledge a lot of people don’t come across, and he shares it with his students to give us a better experience.

On being the “youngest”:
Since I arrived at Wheaton, I have known I want to be very involved. I became News Editor of the Wheaton Wire second semester of my freshman year. I was the youngest member of the paper (only 17) and all of my writers were older than me. It was great to be able to take what they know about journalism and add it to my own knowledge so that I could continue to grow.

When I arrived at Wheaton, I found out that I was selected as an ambassador, and have since become an ambassador coordinator. We help Admissions recruit the incoming freshman class by planning class visits and overnights along with Saturday visits to campus. I have worked very hard to help make this campus better in small ways through the paper, and through Programming Council by helping plan events for students.