Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Lauren Provost

Wheaton advantage: All of the work experiences that I was able to get on campus were amazing. I’ve done research with professors, worked in the Admissions Office, and called alumni for the Wheaton Fund. I never knew I would get so much professional experience without even leaving campus.

I’ll miss: The Loft so much! I’ve gotten so used to being able to head there at 1 in the morning during an all-nighter and get a delicious plate of chicken fingers or a steak and cheese sandwich.

Favorite professor: My favorite professor here has definitely been Professor Michael Drout in the English department. He’s been an amazing teacher and such a supportive mentor. He’s incredibly enthusiastic about literature and language, and is always open to sharing his wealth of knowledge. It’s difficult to say which class was my favorite—because I’ve taken seven with him and they were all amazing!

Something interesting about me: I was born in Hollywood! Really!

What I’ve learned: I’ve learned that maintaining personal relationships is really important for academics and for your career. I’ve also learned that being young does not mean you can’t accomplish great things.

My journey at Wheaton: I came to Wheaton secretly wanting to be an author and scholar, and so I never expected I would be heading to law school right after graduation. My parents had been encouraging me to look into some type of professional school, and when I ended up taking a public policy course I realized that I actually found the subject really interesting. And so I took the leap of faith and applied to law school. I couldn’t be happier!

What I hope to learn and contribute: I expect to learn a great deal about the law and about policy, and one day I hope to be able to contribute my experience to helping victims of injustice and creating policy that serves the disadvantaged.

Advice for others: Keep working hard, never doubt yourself or put limits on what you can do. You can do anything!