Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Laura Peters

Activities? I’m co-captain of the Wheaton Dance Company and a member of TRYBE, Wheaton’s multicultural dance group.  I’m also a Preceptor, Marketing Chair of the Programming Council, and I work as a barista at Wheaton’s student-run coffee shop, the Lyon’s Den.

Favorite class/professor? First Year Seminar, Shape Identities: How the Lies of Our Past Shape Our Present Identities taught by Professor Fhagen-Smith was a life-changing class that really sparked my interest in education and learning about others’ cultures.

Something interesting about me? The summer between my sophomore and junior years at Wheaton, I spent 7 weeks interning at a non-profit community arts organization working with inner-city middle school children in Los Angeles.

Why dance? I’ve always known that there is a lot of interest in dance at Wheaton.  Since my freshman year, the extra-curricular dance opportunities have grown to include Dance Company (contemporary/jazz), TRYBE (multicultural and hip hop dance), Paraiso Latino (Latin dance), and SOLE (step).

I got together with Rachel Hacunda and Lauren Grillo to form the Wheaton Dance Collective – a club where anyone can learn to dance without having to audition. Students now have the opportunity to take classes run by other students in dance styles including contemporary, hip hop, bellydance, tap, pilates and more.

This year also marks the first year that students have the opportunity to choose the Dance track in the Theatre and Dance Studies major. I am very excited to have just been approved as Wheaton’s first Dance Studies major!

Most thrilling adventure? Studying abroad in New Zealand and exploring the Kiwi, Maori, and Pacific Island cultures.  One weekend I’d be hiking a volcano or exploring Waiheke Island, the next weekend I’d be sitting in a cafe after taking a hip hop dance class in the heart of Auckland.