Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Kenya Bryant

Kenya Bryant was willing to give up two weeks of her winter break to attend Wheaton’s January Technology Immersion Program, which offered intense all day classes in graphic and web design.

"For this assignment, we were working with levels and trying to bring out the contrasts and shadows in our portraits. I added a pop art effect to my photo that made the colors show."

Why were you interested in taking graphic design? I have always been interested in graphic design. This summer I’m applying for internships in advertising, magazine publishing and marketing. Most of the programs I’ve looked into ask if you have experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Since I’ve never been introduced to either, I thought the class would be helpful.

What did you enjoy most? My favorite part of the class turned out to be the critiques we did in the morning. I liked seeing what the other students had worked on and how they were able to use different effects and skills to make their pieces. We’d ask each other questions about the different techniques and learn from each other.

What was the most valuable thing you learned? Patience was my best friend during the class! Ken Davignon [faculty technology liaison and graphic design instructor] was great and taught us at a good pace. But there would be times when I’d get confused and frustrated with certain filters or colors that were not coming out how I wanted them to look. Just being patient with the process on top of asking Ken for help taught me a lot. In the end a lot of the features Adobe programs have are all about problem solving; there’s always a way to fix up everything to your liking. It’s the user’s job to figure out how.