Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Katie Mosher

World class curiosity. Ever since I was little, I’ve been fascinated by the world around me, and this inspired my international relations major and also my desire to travel the world. Denmark is a renowned leader in human rights, and I chose to study abroad at the Human Rights and Justice program at the Danish Institute for Study Abroad in Copenhagen. The program had a number of Russian studies courses and even a study tour to Russia. I visited over seven countries while I was abroad, and my eyes opened up to a whole new world.

A surprising place: The Republic of Kosovo is a fascinating place still ravaged by war and stained by its past—a Third World country in Europe. You cannot forget the faces of the people of Kosovo, or the joy on those faces when you said you were an American. The Albanian population of Kosovo reveres Americans, especially Bill Clinton. They even have a huge statue of him on a street named Bill Clinton Boulevard. It reminds you of the power and responsibility that comes with being an American.

All things Russian. I was hooked after my first few weeks in Professor Rosset’s “Beginning Russian” class. As a lover of languages, I found the Russian language to be totally new and exciting! I was also placed in Professor Powell’s “Russia in Crisis” First-Year-Seminar. I soon became fascinated with Russian politics, history and culture.

It’s the little things. One of my favorite campus activities has been serving as a Commencement Reunion Volunteer (CRV), helping to see that the weekend runs smoothly. It is so rewarding to see alums and students connect. Even though decades might separate us, Wheaton students can still unite over our special traditions and shared identity.

Something unique about me. I love scouring through antique stores and thrift shops for that special vintage find, and a lot of my favorite jewelry pieces were scavenged from these sorts of places.