Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Katie Boyle

Treats opportunities like gold.
Wheaton helped me find my first job, which I started two weeks after graduation. I was a research associate at the Broad Institute of Harvard and MIT, where I worked on research seeking to help the development of new drugs to treat cancer. I gained valuable experience in basic research, cancer therapies and drug development.

Knows teamwork is critical.
Wheaton reinforced the importance of the work ethic and teamwork. My freshman year, I was on the softball team that came in third in the NCAA Division III World Series. The coaching staff, captains and team members came together to achieve a common goal. Today, I work with a medical team, including physicians, nurses, physical therapists and case managers, to provide patients with integrated care.

Prescribes a healthy dose of support.
Wheaton helped me continue my education through the Julia R. Lange Fellowship. Giving to the Wheaton Fund ensures future students the same opportunities that I was provided.