Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Johanna Beck

Favorite professors? I have learned much in the art of observation and creation from Paula Krebs and Sherry Mason, two English professors who inspire me endlessly.

About Art: In many ways, art has been kind of a “blip” in my regular college track. Wheaton and the kind of people I’ve met here have really opened my eyes to the possibilities available for someone like me, an English major with “practical” aspirations. It was at Wheaton that I began to receive commissions from friends and families of friends, branching out to paint for friends of friends of friends, and so on.

Murals: I’ve competed for several Wheaton-specific competitions, and have, currently, two permanent works on display: one in the third floor lounge in Meneely, and one in the Student Government Association office. And I hope to hold the official position of Balfour-Hood chalkboard artist for the remainder of my time here. I am honored and feel very lucky to be able to pursue my interest in art here at Wheaton.

BFA: I have chosen, in lieu of going abroad, to spend a year at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston to earn my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Awards: I recently learned my artwork (shown at right) originally published in Rushlight will be republished in a national undergraduate online literary anthology, Plain China, hosted by Bennington College.