Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jessica Butler

Life as a double major: As a freshman looking for classes, international relationscourses caught my interest the most, so I stuck with it. A few economics courses were required forthe IR major, and I decided to major in that as well. I had had some exposure to economics and wanted to learn more. Also, the economics course topics that are offered here at Wheaton are very different [from those at other colleges], and I don’t think I would have gotten them elsewhere.

Eye-opening summer experience: Last summer I worked with Gospel Rescue Ministries, a non-profit faith-based organization that helped men and women who were addicted to drugs reintegrate back into society. I learned that people struggle, and their struggle is what makes them who they are. It was a rewarding internship because I discovered that I have a passion for working with all different kinds of people.

SOLE family: I’ve been a part of SOLE Step Team since freshman year, and the members are like my family here at Wheaton. We’ve definitely grown as a group. We all have a role in the group to make up steps and keep ideas flowing to keep entertaining the campus.

Activities: I am also a part of Black Students Association and Christian Fellowship (CF) here on campus as well as a supporter of other groups that my friends take part in. My favorite is CF because there is always something new every week. Even when I am tired, I go and I feel a lot better.

Favorite part of Wheaton? I like the small community and small classes. Although you may see the same faces every day, I think the size of the community has kept me far more focused.

–Amanda DeGroff ’12