Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Jacob Dunn ’13

Heads to Istanbul as athletic director of the “Fresh Fit” program at Robert College

Refining focus: I dabbled in as many subjects as possible during high school but was unsure about what I was willing to dedicate myself to. Wheaton was my opportunity to flesh out my interests, so I filled my freshman year with classes from all different disciplines. Music has always been one of my strongest passions, and it became my focus. The Music Department is particularly intimate, and connecting with professors was easy.

An artist’s drive: My primary instrument is my voice, and I’ve also been playing the bagpipes since I was 14. I find real bliss in creating a new sound with other instrumentalists and performers. I love performing and sharing my music with others so they can experience the positive energy I try to convey.

Authentic connections: My father teaches psychology at another college, so I figured I should take a course. I became fascinated by developmental psychology and the critical early years of a child’s life. This interest seemed to arise at the perfect time, as I then started aiding children in their English speaking skills at Robert College’s camp in Istanbul. I was able to experience and interact with specific lessons from my courses as they played out in the field.

Get moving: The Filene Center helped me prepare for my travels to Istanbul the first time I accepted the position, and this will be my fourth summer. I’ll oversee the Fresh program (ages 6–8) and Classic program (ages 9–14), and I’m responsible for organizing the daily schedule of sporting events. We offer almost every sport under the sun and are proud to offer ones that campers might not be familiar with.

Never-ending wonderment: With six months of experience in Istanbul, one might think I’ve learned most everything I need to know. My favorite aspect of the country, however, is that it surprises me with something new each time I visit. I wonder how I could have missed such a unique part of the city, as new sights, people, and places reveal themselves. I’m also lucky to have a strong network of Turkish friends that help me engage new adventures.

By Adara Meyers ’08