Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Heather Langley

Why Wheaton? I like that Wheaton encourages non-academic experience. So many colleges are all about the grades, the tests, and learning by the textbook. I truly feel that Wheaton, for the most part, demands its students to value learning for passion’s sake, even if it’s not always “academic.” Coming here as a freshman, I never thought I’d travel abroad, least of all to Tanzania, or that I’d study at Oxford University. Wheaton has made me value experience and passion and has made me realize an education is what I make of it, not what it makes of me.

Something interesting about me: I’ve climbed halfway up Mt. Kilimanjaro, touched both the Pacific and the Atlantic Ocean in one day, and studied abroad at Oxford University and in Cortona, Italy. And, though I’m an English and Art double major, I initially intended to be a Biology major—who knew? After graduation I hope to pursue a career in editorial design and publication where I can serve as an advocate for environmental conservation and wildlife protection.

My scholarship. My Balfour Scholarship gave me the great opportunity to make use of my stipend for a non-academic purpose. I used my stipend last year when I volunteered abroad in Moshi, Tanzania. I stayed there for a month with Cross Cultural Solutions and worked with street orphans, teaching them English as well as some math and science. While there I also visited the UN in Arusha, went on safari, climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, and formed friendships with some amazing people. It is an experience I will carry with me forever, and has been the subject of many recent poems and artworks.

This past summer I was honored as a Wheaton Literary Fellow. With this scholarship, I was able to work closer to home at Memoir (and), a literary journal that publishes memoirs in the form of prose, essay, poetry, and photographs.

Most thrilling adventure? College. Not even kidding. I’ve done more these last four years than I ever thought possible.