Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Griffin Patria

Activities outside class? I’m a Safe Zone Ambassador, a member of the Alliance and I’m currently working on a fellowship.

Favorite project? I researched some of the women Professor O’Dell teaches in his First Year Seminar (Fit For A Queen) to understand more about their lives in general, but more importantly on the clothes they wore and clothes of their time periods. I researched Eva Perón, Jackie Kennedy, Marie Antoinette and Queen Elizabeth I.

I learned all about the women I researched and their clothes and how they got to power using their images, etc. I also learned how to draft, drape and walk patterns and I improved my sewing so much. I think this will help me if I ever do research projects such as this again, because I’m more familiar with the process and my sewing/research skills have improved.

Fellowships? The course evolved into a fellowship with the help of Professor O’Dell. I drafted patterns for the dresses from smaller scale depictions of the pattern pieces and then made mock ups of the dresses out of muslin. From there, Professor O’Dell and I made the dresses. The final project will be a fashion show featuring the pieces from different time periods.

I had so much fun with this project, and I’m so excited for the Internship Showcase in March.