Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Eric Drewniak

The junior explains about how he got started on the data mining research project that won second place in a national undergraduate research competition this spring.

How it began. Through the Filene Center, I heard that Professor Tom Armstrong was looking for a student for summer research. I approached Professor Armstrong, and he was very excited about working with me. Professor Armstrong gave me a list of some of his areas of research and data mining struck my fancy.

Why it fits. I am both a math and a computer science major, and working to find an algorithm that finds patterns in a time-series is a nice blend of math and computer science.

The next step. Professor Armstrong and I hope to publish our work by the end of the year. This summer I hope to analyze the efficiency of our algorithm, work to make it faster through the use of parallel computing, and expand the algorithm to work not only for univariate time series but also for multivariate time series.

Intel ahead. In addition to continuing my research with Professor Armstrong, I also will be interning with Intel Corporation. I will be working as a software engineer for the factory automation software systems department.

Experience juggling. I taught myself to juggle balls, pins, and rings, for a talent show in middle school. The Entertainment Department at Six Flags was casting jugglers/variety acts/street performers so I applied during my senior year in high school and worked there for two summers.When I perform, I get to express my personality. Juggling is not something that comes up in every day conversation very often, so when it does I enjoy surprising people when I show them that can juggle.