Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Devon Williams

After the March 2011 tsunami and earthquake hit Japan, Devon Williams wanted to do something to help. So, she teamed up with her brother and friends to raise funds for the Red Cross in Japan.

How it started: Hope Japan was an idea that my brother and I came up with when we were talking after the dramatic effects of the tsunami. We wanted to do something to help, and so we started Hope Japan. My brother and his friends in the U.K. designed the shirts and the amazing web site  and worked really hard to get things rolling. Once they got that started over there, I got to work here in the states, ordering shirts, making Facebook events, getting the word out to anyone I knew or anyone who would listen.

How it’s going: Sales are going great in both the U.S. and the U.K. I had a sale in Balfour-Hood for a few afternoons with my roommate Alison Underwood ’14 and my friend Carley Nolan. The two of them were such a huge help with everything at Wheaton. I am so lucky to have them to support me. The support that we received from students and faculty was great; people were really interested in buying shirts or at least hearing about our cause. Now I get so excited when I see people around campus wearing the shirts! Visit www.japanhope.org to learn more.

Ongoing international interest: I took a gap year before coming to Wheaton and during that year I spent three months in Cape Coast, Ghana. I went through a program called Projects Abroad and spent half of my time teaching and building at a school and the other half of the time working at an orphanage. It was a truly amazing experience and honestly the best three months of my life.

On campus: I am part of Best Buds and I sometimes tromp around the woods with the Wheaton Woods Conservation Club. I also participated in the Diversity Fashion Show, designing and making clothes with my partners in crime, Alison and Carley.

–Elizabeth Meyer ’14

–Photos by Amie Rosenblum ’12