Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Christopher MacDonald

Activities: I write political commentary in the “Outside the Bubble” column of the Wheaton Wire, sing in and conduct the Wheaton Chorale, play and take lessons for organ, and study conducting. I am the Vice Chair of the Appellate Board, and a member of the Roosevelt Institution, for which I am writing a federal transportation policy proposal. I am a Senator in the Student Government Association as well as the Dean of Senate. This semester, I am working with Public Safety and Student Life to reform Wheaton’s sanctioning system into something more comprehensible.

Favorite professor? Without equivocation, my favorite professor is Michael Drout of the English Department. I have taken so many classes with him for my major that the running joke is that I am majoring in ‘Drout.’ Prof. Drout brings a unique and infectious sense of enthusiasm to teaching Old English and Anglo-Saxon poetry that makes it the most interesting stuff. I have thoroughly enjoyed being under his tutelage, from translating all 3,000+ lines of Beowulf to learning Middle English.

Something unique about me? I am a male mezzo-soprano, which means that I have a vocal range that lies about an octave or so higher than that of an average baritone. Not only is this something rare and exciting, but it allows me to perform repertoire that has been inaccessible to the male voice for years and make new statements with other repertoire.