Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Carrie Peabody

Carrie Peabody gained valuable experience curating Christina Beecher: A Retrospective, which runs through April 16, 2010, in the Weil Gallery.

Curating the exhibition. I wanted to curate this show for more than one reason. When I first met Christina (Tina) a couple of years ago, I was fascinated with her painting technique. I thought her approach to painting and subject matter would make a great exhibition at Wheaton. Also, I thought curating this exhibition would provide valuable practical experience.

Gaining perspective. I really enjoyed working with Tina, she’s so nice and easy to work with. She always provided me with any information I needed and was very organized from the beginning of this project. Through working with her, I gained a better perspective on how the artist plays into the curatorial process.

Valuing teamwork. I learned that any exhibition, no matter how large or small, is a group effort. I could not have pulled this project together without the help of others.

Looking ahead. I was recently accepted to Christie’s Education in London for a master’s in modern and contemporary art and art business. My long-term goals include owning an art gallery that exhibits only women artists and African American artists. Both groups of artists are still largely under-represented in today’s art market.