Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Albert Kramer

Activities? I am the President of the Wheaton College Democrats and co-host of a weekly political talk radio show with my roommate.

Why Wheaton? What I like most about Wheaton are the students and the professors.  A classroom is a classroom; it’s the people who fill it that make the difference. The ability to form close relationships with professors was an important reason why I chose to attend Wheaton.  The bond I have formed with Professors has greatly enhanced my learning and is largely responsible for my development as a student.

Favorite class/professor? My favorite class was War and Peace in the Mediterranean, a study of the Spanish and Ottoman Empires during the pre modern era by Professor Liang.  This class was so special because it was completely discussion based and was designed in a way that Professor Liang allowed the students to flesh out the hidden points within the readings themselves.  It was not just the subject matter, but also the method in which it was taught that sharpened my writing and speaking abilities in a way that was challenging and even fun.

My future?
In the fall I will begin my career in public service by working for the Urban Fellows program in New York City for nine months.  This opportunity will allow me to test the waters of public service while also taking advantage of seminars provided by the program to better prepare me for my work in the future.  Upon completion of the program, I plan on going to law school before working for the public sector.

What is The New York City Urban Fellows program?
It is a competitive nine-month fellowship that places approximately twenty fellows in various City agencies in order to gain hands on experience with the workings of New York City government.  This is supplemented by workshops and trips to Washington D.C. and Albany that help build a complete understanding of the relationship between City, State, and Federal finance and government interaction. The focus of my work will largely depend on what agency I am assigned to.  What is so great about this program is that no matter where I am placed I will have an opportunity to implement and possibly help craft policy that effects millions of people.