Wheaton College Norton, Massachusetts

Abby Kienbaum

Summer internship: This summer I worked as an Editorial Intern at Signature Media, which is a part of the Detroit Media Partnership. I worked in the Detroit News Building, which houses The Detroit News and The Detroit Free Press. Publications that I worked with included StyleLine Magazine, Michiganimals, Senior Living and Michigan College Guide.

How I got the job: I e-mailed every magazine in the Detroit area every week until I got a response. Then I interviewed and got the job.One of my editors offered to pay me if I came back next summer and I collected my works for my now fully-loaded portfolio.

Most surprising thing I learned: How nice everyone was. Also, they really allowed me to get involved which was great. I started out as an intern on the August Issue, and in the September Issue, I moved up a stylist assistant, and in the October Issue I was actually given a By-Line. At other magazines, I may have been limited on how much I could contribute.

What I learned: I learned that a career is not like school. It is not segmented into different majors, in one job, you have to wear many hats. I was an editorial intern, but I didn’t just edit, I wrote, I went on interviews, I styled shoots, I assisted with fashion events, I collected photos, I ordered lunch, I dressed models, I made phone calls, I contacted designers, I dealt with ‘creative types’ as my editor likes to call them and many other things I can’t remember. I thought I would like the writing aspect, but I was really able to be creative with the styling and art direction of shoots. I guess I am decent at it, they offered me a job for next summer.

From my blog fallingthroughstreetgrates:

“…as an editorial intern for a Detroit fashion magazine I will have more hands on opportunities, a la Lauren Conrad from The Hills, than I would at a large New York magazine. Instead of making copies and getting coffee, I will be helping to style shoots and write articles.”

“Another exciting part of my week was sitting in on an editorial meeting. We have the managing editor, who is in the office and runs the 3 magazines and daily office tasks. At the editorial meeting I meet the two freelance editors that do all of the writing and styling and decision making for the magazine details. They are both very stylish and well connected women in the Detroit area.”

On the last day of my internship, “…one of my editors offered to pay me if I came back next summer, and I collected my works for my now fully-loaded portfolio.”