Our Approach to Parent/Family Relations

Wheaton College is a student-centered community. We endeavor to work directly with students and encourage them to develop skills of self-advocacy. We expect that they will seek our assistance themselves and participate fully in our efforts to become a more responsive community by communicating directly with us. We respect their privacy and their desire to be independent adults.

Parents are important partners in our efforts to help our students succeed academically and socially. As partners, they need and deserve our attention and we endeavor to provide them with timely and useful information. We provide that information ourselves, or refer them to the appropriate person on campus, and then follow up to be certain they have received the information they seek. While we do not routinely contact parents about students’ grades, class attendance or personal matters, we encourage students to seek their parents’ support when appropriate. We also contact parents in most situations where a student’s health or safety is at risk or is compromising, in a significant way, their chances of academic success.

We strive to be consistent, professional, compassionate and efficient in all communications.

While all offices are empowered to communicate directly with parents and families, any questions that cannot be answered with confidence by a particular office may be referred to the Dean of Students Office for follow-up.

Division of Student Affairs

Please contact us if you have questions or concerns.