Words of wisdom

Some of them amuse or inspire; others come close to putting you to sleep. It’s the season of graduations–and graduation speeches. A blogger named Cristina Negrut has perused some 700 commencement addresses on the Web, and she told USA Today that only about one in 20 are truly inspiring.

Negrut has published links to her top 10 favorite speeches on her blog, and one of them was delivered here at Wheaton in 2000. In an age of obsessive multi-tasking, John Walsh, noted author, art historian and husband of Jill Galston Walsh ’60, bucked the trend, advising the Wheaton grads to:

Do one thing at a time. Give each experience all your attention. Try to resist being distracted by other sights and sounds, other thoughts and tasks, and when it is, guide your mind back to what you’re doing.

To glean more of Walsh’s practical advice, read his commencement address here. And visit Negrut’s blog to find out who else made the top 10. Hm …  Looks like Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick has some tough acts to follow when he addresses Wheaton’s Class of 2009 on May 16.