Wheaton millennial publishes book

Stefana Albu

An alumna from the Class of 2010 has written a book to help others in her generation navigate the world of work and take on the challenges they face in the years after college.

Stefana Albu majored in German and psychobiology at Wheaton and now works as an assistant director of admissions at her alma mater. The publication of her book, We Never Learned This in Class!: The Reality of Life After College was recently covered in The Sun Chronicle. In the book, Albu advises her peers on professional and emotional growth, and social shifts after graduation.

“I left Wheaton at the top of my game and thought, ‘Of course I can handle the real world; I’ve been successful in college,'” reflects Albu. “But, I learned the hard lesson that life after college is not something you’re going to learn from a textbook.”

The idea to put her motivational ideas into print was inspired by a friend. The book is written in a personal tone and addresses the day-to-day dilemmas confronting today’s millennials. It is available on Amazon.