Viral dance

Thanks to Slumdog Millionaire, American moviegoers now know that no Bollywood movie is complete without at least one big dance number.

In fact, Slumdog’s closing dance number on a Mumbai train platform has inspired many imitators, including talkshow host and comedian Ellen DeGeneres, who has a well-known love for dancing. She ended an interview with the stars of the movie by staging her own dance number with the technical crew of her show.

Enter Matthew Lucerto ’04 and other members of the FLAG flag football league of Boston. (FLAG stands for Friends of Lesbians and Gays.)

Every year, the group makes a video. This year, they decided to extend one of the scenes from their end-of-the-year film to re-create the Jai Ho dance scene from Slumdog in a series of Boston locales as a way to get attention from DeGeneres.

And it worked, in a big way!

Not only is the group’s YouTube video posted on the Ellen web site, but it also has been written about by USA Today and covered by local television stations, including WBZ television.

Lucerto in mid-shuffle

Looking for Matt?

“You can find me in the right center third row in most of the shots that we did.  (We changed our positions in each location, but for some reason for the most part I’m in that location.)  Just look for the curly hair and the glasses.”

The team is still hoping that Ellen will show their video on her show in addition to featuring it on the web site, but they’re thrilled with the attention it’s gotten already. “I think it’s a great hoot that in three days of being on YouTube we already have 20,000+ hits,” says Lucerto. “I’ve gone viral!!”