Tim Cunard, professor of art

Henge #1“Picasso’s constructions and collage works along with [Marcel] Duchamp’s invention, the readymade, opened the artistic floodgates for me as a young artist. For my entire career, I have used scrap materials and found objects to make my sculptures. The points of departure for some of the sculptures in this exhibition were inspired by frequent trips to my local scrap yard and a chance encounter with Tim Hilton’s book Van Gogh: His Life and Work. The sculptures have little to do with representing any Van Gogh image, but more to do with a general feeling for shape and texture…. ‘Henge #1’ is from my Henge series. Works from this series were created by finding scrap steel pieces, two or more, that were welded together. The found pieces were generally cut and reshaped to complement each other, then welded together, and finally treated with a salt and vinegar solution to induce an evenly rusted surface. The title comes from the relationship of a horizontal element intersecting or resting against a vertical element as in the English monument Stonehenge.”

Beard and Weil Galleries

Show and tell: Sampling of studio art professors work and artist statements