What’s that ticking sound?

-In November, while we were celebrating our art director’s birthday over breakfast, a colleague remarked that there were only four days of work remaining before Thanksgiving break.

We all let out a collective gasp of surprise, recognizing how fast time flies. (My summer clothes had yet to make it to the attic, for goodness’ sake!) This issue of the Quarterly takes a moment to honor the passing of time:

February marked five years for me as editor of the magazine. It seems like just yesterday I was having a cup of coffee with my boss on the deck at Balfour-Hood and telling him about my interest in working at Wheaton.

This is the 25th academic year that incoming students have been welcomed into the Wheaton experience via First-Year Seminar, which we write about in this issue.

Professor David Wulff is retiring after 43 years (see Panorama).

This year Wheaton is celebrating 100 years as a four-year college.

And, we are celebrating the many decades of publishing the magazine.

Preparing for this issue, I had the pleasure of opening a file cabinet and perusing those volumes dating back to 1922. (Check out the covers on page 64.) It was nice to sit still for a moment and leisurely view the passing of years one issue at a time. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could do that in real life?

Maybe we can—one breakfast birthday celebration at a time, one Thanksgiving dinner at a time, one everything at a time—if we stay present and take it all in, instead of constantly looking ahead.

So, let’s relax—for a few minutes at least. Enjoy.

Illustration by David Laferriere