…Stay centered when life is out of balance

To stay centered, stay connected to who you are by remembering:

• Who you are is not the same as the roles you play. Roles (ego identities) are like coats. When you need them, put them on. Otherwise, hang them up to reveal who you are.

• Listen to the voice of your heart for truth and wisdom. Voices in your head (the ones that tell you what you “should” do) support ego and role identities.

-• You cannot control what happens. You can control how you respond.

• Invest your energy wisely in relationships and activities that fill you up, and beware of those that drain you.

—Lou Ann Daly ’76

Daly, a resident of Marblehead, Mass., is the author of Humans Being: Creating Your Life from the Inside Out. As the CEO of O!LAD (www.olad.com) and an executive coach, she works with clients across a spectrum of professions.