…Stage your home to sell

Be clean and uncluttered: Clean like the dickens and remove all the bric-a-brac (sentimental, or not), and clear away clutter in your home. A buyer needs to visualize their mess, not see yours.

Do a weekend makeover: Spiff things up! A fresh coat of paint here, a vase of fresh flowers there; it can make a world of difference.

Add the “home sweet home” factor: Not long ago my mother-in-law placed her home on the market. Just before the first open house, we lit fires in the fireplaces, roasted a turkey (the house smelled amazing), and set the dining room table for dinner. The crystal sparkled. The pillows were fluffed. Potential buyers ate it up (no pun intended).

—Jeffrey Ferreira ’95

Ferreira, of Wayland, Mass., is a principal at J. Ferreira Designs (www.jferreiradesigns.com), and has extensive experience in both interior design and real estate.