Spring 2012

-A man and his shovel

Archaeologist Sean Britt digs into the past, makes way for the future.

Sean Britt ’00 got his first taste of archaeological field research working on a sugarcane plantation one summer while a junior at Wheaton.

His interest had already been piqued by “Anthropology 101,” his favorite class, and deepened as he pursued his major in history and minor in anthropology, just one course short of a double major.

-Reflecting on First-Year Seminar

Twenty-five years ago, First-Year Seminar (FYS) was created to be the foundation for the entire Wheaton experience for all incoming students, both academically and in terms of building a sense of community and prepares them for a successful journey through college.

Success for students

Campaign update; interview with Trustee Margaret Dunn Smith ’73; family provides a generous gift for scholarships; Wheaton receives $12,000 award for math mentoring.

Wheaton Quarterly Spring 2012 cover

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