…Use social media for professional networking

1) Create a profile on at least one social network. Upload a current, work-appropriate photo, and list your professional experience, personal interests and hobbies.

2) Make daily updates. Write about your current work, recent achievements, or an interesting article that you have read. Sharing information is the key to getting attention.

3) Join groups. They are an easy way to connect, and are typically based on a common connection—alma mater, industry, geography, personal interests.

-4) Engage. See something on a social network that you’re interested in? Respond! Introduce yourself to a new contact by commenting on their update.

5) Attend events. Often events are organized exclusively via social networks. Watch for the ones that may grant you access to key people.

—Molly Galler ’06

Galler, who lives in Boston, is an account executive at the Racepoint Group (www.racepointgroup.com), a global public relations firm that counsels clients on the best strategic use of social media.