Small world

-Laura Hobbins Tschop ’07 (pictured on the left) currently teaches second grade at KIPP Philadelphia Elementary Academy in Philadelphia. She says that a big trend (especially in urban education) is naming classrooms after the classroom teacher’s alma mater. So her classroom is the Wheaton College Room. They also have a Wheaton cheer, a team mascot, and everything that goes home says “Wheaton.” “There is a lot of Wheaton pride going on,” Laura says. On top of all this, Laura has connected with another alum, Carol Barnet Fuchs ’62—right in her classroom. “Early in the year, a woman began volunteering in our classroom. The students knew her well, as she has been volunteering at the school for three years now. She always has a smile and is willing to do anything you ask of her. The kids love working with her. She casually asked if the Wheaton I went to was the Wheaton in Massachusetts. I was excited just that she knew there was one in Massachusetts. She then told me that she went there, too. Who would have thought two Wheaties would be connected at a small charter school in Philadelphia? I’m so grateful for her weekly help. Her compassion and spirit embodies why I’m so proud to be a Wheaton alum.”