Small world

Wheaton graduates are everywhere. Xue Zelda Zhao ’18 has found that out firsthand on more than one occasion. In summer 2016, Zhao, a chemistry and economics major and French minor from Suzhou, China, was attending Middlebury College’s French School. Who does she run into on the first day? Angela Heffernan Toussaint ’86.

They quickly realized their Wheaton connection.

“While chatting, we also found out that we had the same French professors at Wheaton, professors Cecile Danehy and John Walsh,” Zhao said.

“Zelda was taking an intensive course in preparation for her junior year in Paris,” said Toussaint. “We met at a French School party. I was floored when she told me she attends Wheaton. In addition, she is studying in Paris with the Sweet Briar program, which I did 32 years ago.”

 Said Zhao: “We had so much common language that we became very close during this intensive language program where we communicated in French only. We had lunch and dinner together in the dining hall often and she helped me a lot in French. She always cheered me up. I guess this is the Wheaton love.”