Service of the heart

Wheaton’s commitment to community service and health education is paying off. The town of Norton was recently designated a HeartSafe community; Wheaton will officially receive its designation in the next few weeks.

The acknowledgement of the town as a HeartSafe community caps a campaign that Wheaton helped launch, and then implement, last fall. The effort is designed to help cities and towns, colleges and universities improve the possibility that anyone suffering a sudden cardiac arrest will have the best chance for survival.

Wheaton students helped to train half the students in Norton High School in CPR during the fall. According to the Attleboro Sun Chronicle: “The remaining 348 Norton High students who were not formally trained last fall will do so this spring, said Craig Andrade, Wheaton associate dean of health and wellness and director of student health services. Supporters are trying to train 2,000 Norton residents during the program’s first year.”

Source: The Sun Chronicle