Saving energy

First, Austin Simko ’09 helped organize an energy conservation contest in Wheaton’s residence halls, now he is advocating for statewide measures.

The most recent issue of the Worcester Business Journal included an article by Simko advocating efficiency¬† improvements in the the commonwealth’s energy grid infrastructure. That investment, he said, would reduce energy costs for Bay State residents and protect the environment.

A modernized grid will save consumers an average of $500 per year due to increased transmission efficiency and greater availability of renewable energy sources. Compare that to the tens of billions in costs related to new fossil fuel plants that pollute our environment, poison our health, and degrade our economic vitality.

Simko, who serves as president of the Wheaton Student Government Association, is a political science major with special interest in energy and conservation policy. The Balfour Scholar applied his experiential learning stipend to an internship with Sylvania Corporation, working on issues of environmental concern and corporate responsibility.

Source: Worcester Business Journal