Savannah Geasey ’12

-Major: Anthropology

Sport: Track and field, cross country (captain)

Extra points: Student Trustee-Alumnae/i Council (vice chair), resident advisor, Anthropology Club member

Success on the track or trail: Success in cross country/track means working to achieve goals you set for yourself. This can mean running faster and placing higher in a race, but for me, success also relates to goals off the track as well. Of course I value improvements in my performance, but success is also about fostering a productive team atmosphere and setting an example for underclassmen, both on and off the track. As a senior, seeing underclassmen achieve their own successes has been one of the most rewarding forms of success that I have experienced as a student-athlete. Personal dedication and hard work have definitely contributed to my success in cross country and track. These factors have allowed me to achieve a healthy and successful balance of my academic, athletic and social lives—a balance that has been critical to my success in athletics overall. On the track these factors have also allowed me to physically push myself beyond what I thought I was capable of.

Success in the classroom: Academic success is about putting your absolute best effort into your work. I have come to recognize that effort doesn’t always exactly correlate with a specific grade, but if I hand something in and know that I am proud of my work because I did my very best, for me, this is success. Academic success is also about using what you have learned to enrich your life and the lives of others. The skills and knowledge I have learned through my Wheaton education have allowed me to apply myself to many opportunities. Success is about applying your academics to your life outside the classroom. The same factors that have helped me be a successful athlete have helped me be a successful student—dedication and hard work. My professors really recognize dedication and hard work and have encouraged and supported me because of that.

The winning combination: Persistence has led me to be successful in both academics and athletics. In both of these realms you don’t always achieve your goals right away, but if you persevere and keep working toward them, it will pay off.

2011–12 NEWMAC All-Academics

Women’s cross country

  • Savannah Geasey
  • Rose Harris
  • Shoshana Kruskal
  • Kimberly Nash
  • Lindsay Petrenchik
  • Taylor Wills
  • Hillary Wilson

Men’s cross country

  • Michael Richard

Field hockey

  • Emily Chick

Men’s soccer

  • Pablo Mena
  • Kevin “Max” Swanson

Women’s volleyball

  • Christina Cannon
  • Emily Davisson
  • Kara-Jane Walker

Women’s soccer

  • Jessica Stuart

Women’s Tennis

  • Lyndsay Cooke
  • Sarah Crom