Sarah Wikenczy ’90

-Job title: Director of advocacy for the International Women’s Program at the Open Society Institute.

Current project: Her work is part of a broader campaign to end the use of sexual violence as a tool in conflict. Her efforts entail making policy recommendations to the United Nations Security Council, other member states, and UN peacekeeping and humanitarian operations. She also is leading a team of NGO partners to collaborate with UN agencies to end the violence by providing services for survivors, legal redress and related institutional resources in conflict-affected countries.

Impact: “I try to serve as a catalyst so that those who are working to make peace and forge ties can do it better than they currently are, especially on matters of international peace and security. Also, I try to bridge the gaps between the global policy makers and leaders, and the women who are affected by conflict. At the Open Society Institute, we support the work of women’s organizations through grants, and provide strategic opportunities for their voices to be heard by those who are making the decisions that impact their lives.”

Wheaton’s role: “Wheaton endowed me with the foundation and skill set to excel in this area of work, in terms of developing my ability to analyze, reflect and communicate effectively.”