Publications, honors and creative works: Alumnae/i

Robin Bowman ’82, in partnership with the American Teenager Project of Richmond, Calif., received a 2012 Audience Engagement Grant from the Open Society Foundation. Bowman’s collection of photographs and interviews of adolescents, titled It’s Complicated: The American Teenager, is central to the project’s initiative to engage youths in civil and human rights issues.

-Jessica Knauss ’97 translated from Spanish to English Carmino sin returno (No Turning Back) by Lidia Falcón (Loose Leaves Publishing, January 2013).

Dorothy Kerper Monnelly ’58 published For My Daughters (Hudson Hills, 2013). The book pairs her own photography with poetry written by her mother, Dorothy Darling Kerper.

Jane Protzman ’59 showed her photographs in the “Water, Water Everywhere” exhibition at the Port Jefferson Free Library in Port Jefferson, N.Y., in early 2013.