Progress in numbers

Go Beyond logoScience center: 

$36,118,427 committed to expanding and enhancing science facilities through the Mars Center for Science and Technology.

Goal: $35 million

Student scholarships: 

$51,361,128 committed to increasing scholarship support for Wheaton students and their families.

Goal: $50.6 million

Annual support: 

$33,454,934 contributed to the Wheaton Fund since July 1, 2005. Alumnae/i, parents and friends have committed $2,881,371 since July 1, 2013.

Goal: $4.7 million for fiscal year 2014 (ending on June 30, 2014); $34.4 million by June 30, 2014.

Student-faculty research: 

$1,408,388 committed to support student-faculty research collaborations through the establishment of endowed funds for
that purpose.

Artificial turf field: 

$3,866,770 contributed to construction and maintenance of an artificial turf field and lighting to expand opportunities for intercollegiate, club and intramural sports.

Goal: $3,865,000

Honoring student champions

President Ronald A. Crutcher and his wife Betty Neal CrutcherWhen President Ronald A. Crutcher completes his term in office at the end of this academic year, the college plans to inaugurate a scholarship named for him and his wife, Betty Neal Crutcher.

For more information on the Ronald and Betty Neal Crutcher Wheaton Fund Scholarship, please contact the Wheaton Fund at (508) 286-8226 or