Patty Stone, associate professor of art

Charles River Diptych“I am inspired by familiar landscapes that are experienced as part of my everyday environment. I also like looking at a variety of maps—from topographical trail guides to Google Earth and road maps from the 1960s. These images present both an abstraction of the landscape and a very real location in time and space. ‘Charles River Diptych’ is part of a series of paintings that grew out of my daily walks to the Charles River in Newton, Mass. Here, the contrasts of ‘nature’ and the man-made environment are somewhat ambiguous. Concrete buildings and light industry surround a part of the river that still echoes the wild. At the river’s edge, I am dazzled by the play of light on water as I search for a glimpse of fish or the big turtle. In the studio, contrasts inspire me as well—capturing softness in a rectangle or struggling to make a straight line with a paintbrush.”

Beard and Weil Galleries

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