Paresky fellow: Joshua “Jay” Weimer ’96

Joshua “Jay” Weimer knew exactly what he wanted to do when he graduated from Wheaton. A double major in philosophy and political science, he had been trained to think critically.

“I liked to argue,” he says with a laugh. “And I wanted to do it professionally.”

Weimer wanted to pursue a career in the law. After graduating from Wheaton, he attended Yale Law School. He received a Paresky Fellowship, which relieved much of the financial pressure of law school, allowing him to focus on his studies.

Today, he argues cases as assistant district attorney for the northern district of Texas, a massive area covering 100 counties and almost 96,000 square miles.

He enjoys the energy of the courtroom, the daily challenge of thinking on his feet in critical situations. Rather than wilting under the pressure, he thrives on it.

Paresky fellows

He has worked in cases ranging from health care to immigration, from terrorism to bank robberies. But what brings him true meaning in his career? Justice, he says.

“I’m fortunate as an attorney because I don’t have a ‘client.’ My client is the United States of America, and my job is to apply the law fairly to all people.”

Even though he is busy upholding the law on the plains of Texas, he still maintains close Wheaton connections. His senior-year roommate, Jason Neal ’96, was recently married and Weimer was best man at the wedding.

Photo by Stewart F. House