Oh, it’s on!

-Alums, students and professors square off in croquet

You’ve heard of the French Open. You’ve seen the NBA Playoffs. The World Series? Please. We’ve got the Research Rivalry Cup, baby!

It started here at Wheaton in 2008 when Blair Rossetti ’09, a member of Professor of Biology Robert Morris’s research team (the Urchinites) challenged Kyle Judkins ’11 and the other students of Professor of Biology Ed Tong’s lab (the A-Team) to a game of basketball.


“Though we were the instigators, we lost!” Morris reports.

The following year, the Tong lab won again, in a game of capture the flag. Finally, in 2010, Morris’s team bounced back, with a win in kickball.

The rivalry game, which this year was croquet on Chapel Field on May 5, has become such an event that alums come from all over Massachusetts to play. Participants included: Kyle Glass ’11, April Greene-Colozzi ’09, Emily Green-Colozzi ’10, Timothy Horan ’10, Ali Hussain ’11, Mark Iampietro ’09, Madeline Keyes ’10, Lawrence Mulcahy ’99, Robert Manguso ’10, Amanda Rawson ’09, Blair Rossetti ’09 and Tatsushi Shintaku ’11.

-The croquet match was an interesting display of, well, it was a display. “We played through one semidignified round with all 26 players taking turns, realized that even the first-year lab members were going to graduate before we finished at that rate, and decided to end it with an all-out, no-holds-barred croquet free-for-all,” says Morris.

And the winner? Urchinites. The record stands at 2–2.

“Unfortunately, if you measure success in the amount of dignified and skillful croquet exhibited, the Research Rivalry Cup Challenge was a dismal failure,” said Morris. “On the other hand, since we measure success by the amount of laughter generated, camaraderie felt, and fun had by the whole group, it was an unqualified success. Great fun for current students, alums and professors all.”

Work hard.

Play hard.

That’s how we roll at Wheaton.