Newsmaker: Andre Obin’s noteworthy career in music

-Electronic composer André Obin ’01 says, “My music is completely intertwined with my life experience. I’m constantly driven to create. It’s not so much something that I want to do as something that I need to do.” In keeping with his artistic vision, his electronic dance tracks are far from typical. A recent article in the Boston Globe described his style as “a hypnotic kaleidoscope of synth-noodling and hazy aesthetics.” Obin himself describes his tunes as bittersweet and authentic, saying that his work is always “from the heart.” His love of music began in his teen years, when he took up the bass guitar. His passion for music and his talent have led him to become an internationally recognized producer of dance singles and remixes, and a vocalist and guitarist for the rock band Endless Wave. The artist recently won in the category of Best Electronic Artist in the 2011 Boston Phoenix Music Poll and was nominated for the same category at the Boston Music Awards. Obin, who graduated from Wheaton with a degree in electro-acoustic composition, notes that his experience abroad was a major influence in his musical vision. “My interest in electronic music grew exponentially while I was studying abroad at Oxford during my junior year, because England was teeming with quality electronic music at the time. Always seeking to learn more, in recent years Obin has taken voice lessons at New England Conservatory and contributes vocals to many productions.