Nancy Pearlstine Conger ’67

  • Nancy Pearlstine Conger '67Go Beyond campaign co-chair
  • President, Red Hook Management LLC

Why I want to help prepare for the future.

“I truly believe that a liberal arts education is the best preparation for thriving in an ever-changing world. Wheaton taught me how to think, not what to do. It has enabled me to adapt to a world that is a far cry from the 1960s. I feel it is important for students today to have that experience.

I enjoy my service on the Board of Trustees, and I feel that I can make a difference.”

Providing a distinctive education.

“At Wheaton, each student has the chance to go beyond what they thought was possible when they entered as a freshman. There are many avenues of exploration, experience and leadership for students to challenge themselves. The Wheaton culture encourages students to think and do what is possible.”

Making a difference.

“By building a science center that is for all Wheaton students, not just science majors, we recognize that this is an educational imperative. By building our endowment to provide financial aid, we are opening the door to many more qualified students so they can benefit from this experience. Without the support of the Wheaton Fund, we could not move forward. It impacts every aspect of the college.”

Building momentum.

-“The campaign has been a spectacular success to date. The response from alumnae/i, parents and friends is a testimony to the education and experiences that Wheaton has provided to generations of students. Their dedication has resulted in meeting our target for the Mars Center for Science and Technology, which is up and running. We have also established over 100 new scholarships and are still working to make Wheaton affordable for more and more students.”

Looking ahead.

“We still have a way to go and I wouldn’t be doing my job if I didn’t ask every member of the Wheaton community to make a special effort to contribute to the campaign, either through increased gifts to the Wheaton Fund or to gifts for endowed scholarships. We want everyone to have some ownership in this wonderful institution.”

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