Molly Galdston ’09

Lead clinical research assistant

Phenotyping Team of the Autism Consortium

Massachusetts General Hospital

Boston, Mass.

I am a clinical research assistant on a genetic study of families with at least one child with a diagnosis of autism. In a series of face-to-face visits, my colleagues and I administer a battery of cognitive, language, behavioral and diagnostic assessments to collect diagnostic and phenotypic information about observable traits relevant to autism.

My Wheaton courses in clinical, developmental and abnormal psychology, as well as research methods and lab, helped me establish a strong foundation of knowledge and the skills necessary for my current position. Additionally, as a Community Scholar and Wheaton/Porter Fellow, I received generous financial support from the college and its alums. This enabled me to spend my summers working as an unpaid intern and research assistant at an outpatient pediatric developmental clinic at the Einstein College of Medicine in the Bronx, N.Y. My exposure to and involvement in the day-to-day work responsibilities in this clinical setting gave me invaluable experience to take with me in my post-college work. It also provided me with the opportunity to be an integral part of a published study on bilingual children with autism.