Melissa Namiot ’88


Melissa Namiot '88

  • Systems analyst
  • Fidelity Investments, Smithfield, R.I.

“I fell into a career in technology, and I’m glad I did,” says Melissa Namiot. While working for an educational company in Cambridge, Mass., she was asked to cover for a co-worker in the computer department who was on vacation. “That was my first introduction to technology,” she says.

Namiot discovered that her analytical nature and her strength in learning languages—gleaned from her major in French and international relations—gave her an edge in technology.

Women in technology
In the spirit of the Sit With Me project, the Quarterly is showcasing several alumnae working in the industry. Coming from backgrounds that include a variety of majors and working in a wide range of jobs, from designing Navy destroyers to creating educational software, they illustrate the many opportunities available and the many paths into the field that a liberal arts education offers.

Now, with more than 10 years in the field, she works as a systems analyst with Fidelity Investments. Namiot spends her days troubleshooting technical issues, changing or creating software to meet her organization’s business needs and challenges. “People come to me to solve their problems, and when I can deliver on that it’s very satisfying,” she says.

She’s proud of her success in the field despite her lack of a technology degree. “My career path is more like a labyrinth,” she says. (Her first job out of college was as a recruiter for a French company.) “Being exposed to so many different offerings at Wheaton allowed me to be comfortable with new challenges.”