Matched set

-Meet Jay Goodman and Max Berson-Goodman.

Jay is a professor of political science now celebrating his 45th year of teaching at the college. Enrollment in his courses fill one of the college’s largest lecture halls; alums recall his classes with delight.

Max has achieved his own measure of fame as a canine ambassador for Wheaton. (His name has been invoked by applicants for admission.)

Now the pair are receiving some well-deserved attention in their home city. Providence Journal columnist Mark Patinkin penned a wry piece about the … ah … similarities between Max and Jay for the Sunday edition of the newspaper.

Similarities, you ask? We’ll let Mr. Patinkin explain:

They shared the same slow gait, relaxed air, and then there was the similarity in styling. Each had great clouds of white hair. When the wind blew, their manes ruffled the same way.

I have long felt that many dog owners look like their dogs, but I have seldom seen a better example than Jay and Max.

In any case, while we enjoyed the Journal’s article, we couldn’t help but notice that it was missing something that seems rather essential to appreciating how well the pair go together: a -picture of the two.

We can fix that problem with a few images from the college’s photo collection!

Photographer Nicki Pardo snapped these shots of the pair as they patrolled the campus during Wheaton’s 2005 commencement.