Lyons are Tough Mudders

Softball coach Rachael Powers ’03, left, and team captain Alanna Monahan ’13If you have had the pleasure of watching Wheaton’s athletic events, you’ve seen the talent and toughness of the Lyons. On July 14, in Mount Snow, Vt., two of them took it to another level.

Softball coach Rachael Powers ’03 and team captain Alanna Monahan ’13 kicked some gluteus maximus in a Tough Mudder event. The course and obstacles were designed by the British Special Forces to prep for the physical and mental rigors of military exercises. Proceeds went to the Wounded Warriors program, which assists veterans with rehabilitation and assimilation into civilian life after the military.

The 12-mile course included several jaunts up and down ski slope trails in the 90-degree heat. During the course, participants were challenged with obstacles that included running through burning brush, being submerged under ice water, and crawling through tunnels of dirt and mud in complete darkness. My favorite ones included the (mild) electrical shocking of participants as they crawled through mud and water. (Observers tend to have a different perspective of fun.)

Softball coach Rachael Powers ’03, left, and team captain Alanna Monahan ’13The 12-foot “Berlin Wall” climbs and the “Mount Everest” (30-foot greased half-pipe climb) required a team effort and reinforced the Tough Mudder creed of “no one gets left behind.” Coach Powers and Alanna exhibited team mentality coupled with a Rambo-type attitude that helped them get through it all in one piece.

The grand finale was a sprint through knee-deep mud encircled with live electrical wires. Exciting ending!

Some participants had the unfortunate conclusion of being carted off to the medic tents. While Rachael and Alanna endured some bruises and sore muscles, their conclusion included lots of high fives and big smiles.

Congratulations, Rachael and Alanna! Go, Lyons!

Photos and text by Kevin Monahan P’13